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  1. Are upgrades available for secondary licenses?

  2. Can I get a refund for my purchase?

  3. Can I get a refund for my purchase?

  4. Can I install Helios on my laptop as well as my workstation?

  5. Can I run GeoGlyph 2 side-by-side with GeoGlyph 1?

  6. Can I run Helios without VUE?

  7. Can I share my Helios-based scenes with others?

  8. Can I share my Helios-based scenes with others?

  9. Can I share or sell clouds created with Helios?

  10. Can I share or sell my World Machine document that contains GeoGlyph?

  11. Can I transfer my license?

  12. Can I use GeoGlyph on a Mac or Linux?

  13. Can I use Helios with 3dsmax, Maya, Cinema4D, LightWave, or Softimage?

  14. Cloud is missing or empty

  15. Do I need an internet connection to use GeoGlyph?

  16. Do I qualify for a free upgrade to GeoGlyph 2.0?

  17. Do you provide Academic Licenses for students and teachers?

  18. Do you provide volume and/or floating licenses?

  19. Do you provide Volume Licenses for GeoGlyph?

  20. Financing through Bill Me Later

  21. GeoColor Maps are missing

  22. GeoGlyph 2.0 Installation Guide

  23. GeoGlyph 2.0 will not install or will not start after installation

  24. GeoGlyph Indie resolution limit for tiled builds

  25. GeoGlyph setup runs when I start my computer

  26. GeoGlyph will not start or crashes when opened

  27. How many computers can I use my GeoGlyph license on?

  28. Is Helios compatible with Mac OS X?

  29. Is Helios compatible with VUE Studio or Complete Edition?

  30. Macros are not visible in World Machine's Macro Toolbar

  31. Migrating files to GeoGlyph 1.3

  32. Problem with the new upgrade / how do I get my old version back?

  33. Sample could not be downloaded/extracted

  34. The demo or order form on the website does not work

  35. There is a large X watermark on my terrain

  36. Upgrading to GeoGlyph 1.3

  37. What happens to my node-locked license if I change computers?

  38. What is a Machine Code and why do I need it?

  39. What is a node-locked license?

  40. What is the difference between MDK 1.0/1.1 and MDK Elemental (2.0)

  41. What versions of World Machine can I use with GeoGlyph?

  42. Where can I find the MDK Documentation?

  43. WM Toolbox does not show properly, or warns that only one instance can run even when I'm not running another instance.

  44. World Machine does not recognize the macro. What do I do?

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