Problem with the new upgrade / how do I get my old version back?

If a new update to GeoGlyph has caused a problem, or you wish to revert back to an older version for any reason, there are two options:

Rollback to last version

This is often the simplest method. Go to PROGRAMS AND FEATURES in the Windows Control Panel, and choose to uninstall GeoGlyph. You will get an option to restore the previous version. Select this option and proceed. Now GeoGlyph will be rolled back to the previous version installed on your computer.

Specific version

If you wish to roll back to a specific version, please contact us and we will send you the installer for the version you require. If you don't know the version, you can just tell us the general time period (eg, early June 2015) when your version was stable and we will figure out the details.

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