There is a large X watermark on my terrain

The "X" watermark, and the forced 7.5km x 7.5km visible area is a security restriction in GeoGlyph.

This watermark appears if you build worlds larger than allowed by your license. The Professional Edition does not carry any size restrictions.

If you are building within the allowed limits of your license, or are using the Professional Edition, and still see such a watermark, it may be one of the following:
  • Your license is not registered correctly or may have expired. Open GeoGlyph Manager ("G" icon in the System Tray next to the clock), go to the License tab and verify your license. You may also try reloading the license from the file you were issued during purchase.
  • The GeoGlyph Macros are not installed properly. Open GeoGlyph Manager and use the Reinstall option in the Install tab. Please ensure you are installing against the right version of World Machine if you have multiple versions installed.
  • The particular macro showing this watermark may not be connected properly. If a required input is not provided, the watermark will be visible.

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