Upgrading to GeoGlyph 1.3

If you are an existing GeoGlyph, you will receive instructions to download the latest GeoGlyph 1.3 update.

We are rolling out GeoGlyph 1.3 in phases, so it may take 2 to 3 days for you to get this email. Unlike previous updates, 1.3 is not an automatic upgrade. You will need to install it manually. WM Toolbox is now integrated with GeoGlyph, so this update affects WM Toolbox as well.


  1. Download the GeoGlyph 1.3 setup from the email you received.
  2. You must uninstall GeoGlyph 1.x and WM Toolbox from the control panel (Add/Remove Programs).
  3. After uninstallation, run GeoGlyph 1.3 setup and follow the on-screen instructions.
Please see the Knowledge Base article "Migrating files to GeoGlyph 1.3" to learn how to transition existing 1.1 and 1.2 macro based files to 1.3.

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