Cloud is missing or empty

If you add a cloud from the Helios library, and after the creation process is finished, you see the cloud is invisible, the following solutions can help you fix the problem:

Solution 1
Open the Helios title menu. Ensure that the "Use Vue 11 style function editor" is checked or unchecked to reflect the same option found in VUE's Options. You can check VUE's options by clicking File > Options. This checkbox is available in the first tab in the bottom right.

Delete the empty cloud and the associated Python Objects, and try again.

Solution 2
If Solution 1 does not work, please contact technical support. In the meantime, you can ensure your cloud is visible by following these steps:
  1. Open the Material Editor for the cloud you just created.
  2. Rename the cloud material to the full name of the cloud as shown in the Python Objects next to the cloud in the World Browser. For example, if the Python object is called Cu3081Control, then name your cloud material Cu3081.
  3. Go to the Published Parameters tab of the Material Editor, and connect the following options:
  • #1 connects to CloudNameCONTROL>>Position
  • #2 connects to CloudNameCONTROL>>Orientation
  • #3 connects to CloudNameSETTINGS>>Position
  • #4 connects to CloudNameSETTINGS>>Orientation
Click OK in the Material Editor and Atmosphere Editor. This should make the cloud visible again.

If this problem persists, please open a support ticket.

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