GeoColor Maps are missing

If you unable to get color maps in GeoColor or Colorizer, or see an unexplained crash at the beginning, you may be missing resources.

Some needed resource files in World Machine Build 3011 are missing, and GeoGlyph is looking for them in World Machine 2.3.7's installation folder but either that version is not installed or the path was not specified.

To rectify, try the following:
  1. Install WM 237 if not already installed
  2. Reinstall GeoGlyph, and specify the paths for both WM 237 and 3011 if it does not detect them automatically
  3. Once installed, start GeoGlyph and you will be given a prompt to install the color maps
  4. Once those extra files are installed alongside the resources from WM 237, it will resume functioning correctly.
If it still does not work, generate a Diagnostics Log from the GeoGlyph startup screen menu, or the +GeoGlyph menu in the IDE, and send it to support.

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