Can I run GeoGlyph 2 side-by-side with GeoGlyph 1?

Yes, GeoGlyph 2.0 supports GeoGlyph 1.0 macros out of the box. However, there are a few caveats. GeoGlyph 1.0 must be uninstalled for maximum compatibility.

GeoGlyph 1.0 macros are included in GeoGlyph 2.0; however, they have been integrated differently under the hood to play better with the new architecture.

Working with existing World Machine files

If you have GeoGlyph 1.0 macros in an existing World Machine file, they will be compatible with GeoGlyph 2.0. If a new GeoGlyph macro is placed in the file, it will be the new updated macro. If you wish to avoid that, load the macros manually from the +Create menu. Choose the macros in the "GeoGlyph" folder. The new macros are in the "GeoGlyph 2" folder. Macros created from the Enhanced Toolbox or Toolbar will automatically be from GeoGlyph 2.

New World Machine files

If you’re creating new files, we highly recommend using the latest generation macros.

Mixing GeoGlyph 1.0 and GeoGlyph 2.0 macros

You can mix macros from both generations in the same file. This will not cause problems. However, forward/future compatibility cannot be assured, so we recommend using the GeoGlyph 2 version of the macros as often as possible.

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